21 Meditation Techniques (A Unique Collection Of Ancient by Shiva Girish

By Shiva Girish

This booklet “21 Meditation innovations “is a distinct number of historic knowledge and religious teachings of serious japanese masters. those strategies are compiled from following resources taught through maximum masters from assorted cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist recommendations from Buddha & Atisha grasp, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga via Babaji,Sufism‎ meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - through Lord Shiva.

This non secular educating can spread religious strength, greater wellbeing and fitness & internal peace inside participants. it may be priceless for quite a lot of seekers who are looking to in achieving a greater course in lifestyles via direct historic knowledge and non secular teachings.
As the writer shiva himself is popular tantra yoga & meditation academics who has been engaging in sessions, workshops and coaching in numerous components of India and in another country for a few years. He has learnt those kriyas from many alternative conventional Hindu Yogis, Sadhus, experts and Meditation Masters of India.

Initially this ebook was once written for his scholars that they could perform with right instructions with no instructor, this e-book can be utilized via smooth humans, newbies, all through to yoga meditation lecturers and therapists as a handbook to lead for them of their direction of self transformation in day-by-day lives.

This ebook comprises right directions what to do and what to not do, in addition to transparent information regarding energetic & passive meditations, why should still we do meditation & What the different sorts of advantages, universal sitting Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras, information about Pranayama & differing types prana, sorts of Nadis, (Ida - Pingala - Sushumna)Sound Mantras, specified realizing on seven chakras and every chakra is hooked up to its corresponding physique.

Following are few examples of Meditation strategy you get during this book:

Different sorts of Yogic respiring like stomach, abdominal, Chest, complete Yogic Breathing,
Breath understanding, looking at hole among respiring, Spinal Tantra respiring and jogging respiring meditation.
Mantra & Sound dependent meditations like Chakra Sound Meditation, Sound buzzing, Chakra Bija Mantra, identify Mantra, So Hum Mantra And Aum Mantra Meditation Techniques.
Active meditations like chakra dance, cease Dance, sufi whirling meditation and extra, the ideas proportion during this ebook can't be defined through phrases, however it could be comprehend through your individual direct Experience!!!

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If someone is told that the thinking will disappear, he 49 cannot accept it. He is not pleased. This is because he is clinging to it. In this way, one clings to whatever comes through the six sense-doors as being permanent, as being happy, as ego, as self. One delights with craving and clings to it. One mistakes with wrong view and clings to it. You have to meditate on these five aggregates that can be clung to or grasped. The Right Method When you meditate, you have to meditate with method. Only the right method can bring about insight.

This is a very important question. 35 There are two kinds of meditation: meditating to develop calm and meditating to develop insight. Meditating on the ten kasina devices only gives rise to calm, not insight. Meditating on the ten foul things (a swollen corpse, for example), too, only gives rise to calm, not insight. The ten recollections, like remem­bering the attributes of the Buddha, the Dhamma and others, too, can develop calm and not insight. Meditating on the thirty-two parts of the body, like hair, nails, teeth, skin, these too are not insight.

In this way, you develop insight. We will discuss the five aggregates of grasping in detail. Aggregates The five aggregates of grasping are matter or form, feelings, perception, volitional activities and consciousness. What are they? They are the things you experience all the time. You do not have to go anywhere else to find them. They are in you. When you see, they are there in the seeing. When you hear, they are there in the hearing. When you smell, taste, touch or think, they are there in the smelling, 37 tasting, touching or thinking.

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