A guide to telepathy and psychometry, etc. by Stephen Geoffrey John Ouseley

By Stephen Geoffrey John Ouseley

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The breath is the easiest way to work with its energy. your belly deflates automatically you have just completed one complete breath 45'" ReadyFor Love You can do the complete breath lying on your back, too. Practice this process just a few minutes a day. The above instructions can be read aloud to you by a friend. Or you can record them on tape. The best time for breath training is early morning. You will avoid the bulk of the air pollution. Do complete breathing as soon as you get out of bed or even in bed before getting up if you prefer.

Does this person even exist? Every relationship is a mirror and, if you are very sincere, a door as well. The best way to attract your ideal consort is to grow as a person and deepen your relationship with yourself. Find new ways to give to and be with other people. Like attracts like. If you begin to take an assertive role in your community by doing work that reduces the suffering of others, your being is suffused with the highest sort of magnetism. Beautiful people will be drawn into your life and the chances of finding an ideal consort for practicing High Romance or Tantra (sexual mysticism) is greatly increased.

Beautiful people will be drawn into your life and the chances of finding an ideal consort for practicing High Romance or Tantra (sexual mysticism) is greatly increased. Here is our plan for attracting your ideal consort. This plan will increase your personal magnetism in the most positive way. , yoga, meditation, journal writing, bodywork, men's or women's groups. There are many options. The key is to begin working through your emotional blocks. Explore forgiveness and unconditional love (for yourself as well as others) as a realistic choice in your life.

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