A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural Philosophy by Sir John Frederick William Herschel

By Sir John Frederick William Herschel

Astronomer and thinker J. F. W. Herschel's A initial Discourse at the examine of ordinary Philosophy, initially released in 1830, should be considered as the 1st sleek paintings at the philosophy of technology. during this publication, Herschel conscientiously units out what he regards because the ideas and strategies of medical research, either at a theoretical point and on the point of scan or statement. He describes nature as being ruled by means of legislation that are tricky to figure by way of mere remark and so deduces that theoretical technology calls for analogical reasoning. within the Discourses, written because the first in a chain known as cupboard Cyclopaedia, he covers a variety of methodological, medical and philosophical matters that come with discussions of up to date astronomy, atomism and chemistry. His writing on gentle is seriously motivated via Newton. Herschel additionally ponders the variations among humans and animals and the connection among spiritual religion and clinical enquiry.

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In securing us from important mistakes in attempting what is, in itself possible, by means either inadequate, or actually opposed, to the end in view. III. In enabling us to accomplish our ends in the easiest, shortest, most economical, and most effectual manner. IV. In inducing us to attempt, and enabling us to accomplish, objects which, but for such knowledge, we should never Iiave thought of undertaking. OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. ) Ex. 1. ) I. It is not many years since an attempt was made to establish a colliery at Bexhill, in Sussex.

But it has lately been demonstrated by an eminent French philosopher and mathematician, M. Fresnel, that, granting certain principles or postulates, all the phenomena of double refraction, including perhaps the greatest variety of facts that have ever yet been arranged under one general head, may be satisfactorily explained and deduced from them by strict mathematical calculation ; and that, when applied to the cases first mentioned, these principles give a satisfactory account of the want of the extraordinary image ; that when applied to such cases as those of rock-crystal or Iceland spar, they also give a correct account of both the images, and agree in their conclusions with the rules before ascertained for them: but so far from coinciding with that part of the previous statement, which would make these conclusions extend to all crystallised substances, M.

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