Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology by Tim LeBon

By Tim LeBon

Each person desires to be happier and fulfil their strength, and for years many self-help books have claimed they understand the reply. in basic terms within the final twenty years has optimistic Psychology began to offer evidence-based rules which have been scientifically proven to work.

In this e-book psychotherapist, lecturer and lifestyles trainer Tim LeBon indicates you ways you should use the instruments coming from confident Psychology to accomplish your targets. you can find how principles from CBT, mindfulness and sensible philosophy can produce a extra balanced, wiser model of optimistic Psychology.

Learn how to:

* flourish and be happier

* continue and maintain optimistic relationships

* locate extra that means in existence and attain more

* develop into wiser and extra resilient

* observe the genuine merits actual knowing of confident psychology can bring.

"This publication has a wealth of data and engaging case reviews on the way to take you on a satisfying trip during the quite new viewpoint of optimistic psychology. Tim LeBon doesn't depart you to fend on my own yet encourages us to take accountability for ourselves via guided motion plans, diagnostic assessments and key principles resulting in more recent and more energizing outlooks. i might motivate a person drawn to optimistic psychology to soak this booklet up and take a step in the direction of a greater life."
Ilona Boniwell, affiliate Professor at Ecole Centrale Paris and writer of Positive Psychology in a Nutshell

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Diagnostic test The causes of happiness: True or False? Below are ten statements about what makes people happy; some are true and some are false. Go through the list and decide which you think are true and which are false. 1 Identical twins have similar happiness levels even if they are separated at birth. 2 Having children makes most people significantly happier. 3 Meditation has been shown to increase happiness significantly. 4 As the world has grown richer, happiness levels have risen proportionately.

The broaden-and-build theory attempts to explain these spin-offs in an evolutionary context. It also argues for the potential for an upward spiral of happiness. ✲✲ Fredrickson and Losada proposed a 3:1 positivity ratio which formed a tipping point for flourishing, but the mathematics upon which this was based has now been challenged. ✲✲ There are some situations where positive emotions are not appropriate. We need practical wisdom to guide us as to which situations demand positive emotions and in which situations negative emotions are more appropriate.

She decides she would quit her job, and in the first month see all her friends – close friends on a one-to-one basis, other friends in groups. In an ideal world one or more of her 3. indb 41 41 02/06/14 4:43 PM friends would decide to travel with her. She would then go for a month on her travels to Asia. In the final month, she would return home and again spend time with close friends and family. She would also read her favourite books and watch her favourite films one last time. Try it now: Identifying your most important values First, jot down your answers to the four values clarification exercises above.

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