Against Bosses, Against Oligarchies: A Conversation with by Richard M. Rorty, Kent Puckett

By Richard M. Rorty, Kent Puckett

Nystrom and Puckett's pamphlet supplies us the main entire photo to be had of Richard Rorty's political beliefs. this is often Rorty being avuncular, cranky, and easy: his arguments on patriotism, the political left, and philosophy—as traditional, unusual—are worthy puzzling over. This pamphlet will attract all these attracted to Rorty's unique model of pragmatism and leftist politics within the usa.

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The department was put into receivership some years back, and started up again with a bunch of analytic philosophers. But in those days, if you wanted a career, it was the wrong place to study. Yale had offered me a fellowship, and Harvard hadn’t, so I went to Yale. It was decisive for the kind of training I got. If I had gone to Harvard, my career would have been utterly different. So I had to quickly fix myself up during three years at Wellesley, and again during my first few years at Princeton.

It was just that I got a call from the chair of an English department who needed somebody to teach philosophy to English graduate students. Q: What is your position at Stanford going to be? RR: Professor of Comparative Literature. When it comes to finding jobs, I have been always dependent on the kindness of professors of literature. In this case, the equivalent of Don Hirsch was Sepp Gumbrecht. When I was at Stanford in 1996-7, he invited me to come to his philosophy discussion group. Like all German scholars, he thinks American graduate students don’t know enough about philosophy.

Just as I wouldn’t have written Achieving Our Country if Harvard hadn’t asked me to give the Massey lectures, I wouldn’t have dared write about Orwell if Trinity College, Cambridge hadn’t asked me to give the Clark lectures. The Clarks had to have some relation to literature. ” Q: It seems to me that those sections, those on Nabokov and Orwell, are among the most persuasive in Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity. Your arguments about cruelty and re-description are fleshed out really nicely in those chapters.

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