Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (Penguin Health Care & by Allen Carr

By Allen Carr

Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day dependancy drove him to depression, yet after numerous makes an attempt to give up he chanced on what the realm were expecting - the simple solution to quit smoking. Now regarded because the world's major specialist on aiding people who smoke to surrender, Allen Carr's informative, no scare strategies equipment and methods are a revelation for these eager to kick the behavior.

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G. ). g. when attending churches, hospitals, supermarkets, theatres and so on). The confirmed smoker should bear in mind that this trend will get worse and worse. Today it is Tube trains. Tomorrow it will be all public places. ' Nowadays the poor smoker, on entering a strange house, will search desperately for an ashtray and hope to find dogends in it. If there is no ashtray, he will generally try to last out, and if he cannot, he will ask for permission to smoke and is likely to be told: 'Smoke if you have to,' or 'Well, we would rather you didn't.

Of course you do, but is that a logical reason for deliberately shortening your life? ' Exactly, but you are surely not suggesting that, the quality of life of an alcoholic or a heroin addict is greater than that of someone that isn't addicted to alcohol or heroin? Do you really believe that the quality of a smoker's life is better than a non -smoker's? Surely the smoker loses on both counts his life is both shorter and more miserable. ‘My lungs probably suffer more damage from car exhausts than from smoking; Even if that were true, is that a logical reason for punishing your lungs further?

They've forgotten what it feels like to be completely relaxed. That's one of the many joys you have to come. The whole business of smoking can be likened to a fly being caught in a pitcher plant. To begin with, the fly is eating the nectar. At some imperceptible stage the plant begins to eat the fly. Isn't it time you climbed out of that plant? 41 13 Combination Cigarettes No, a combination cigarette is not when you are smoking two or more at the same time. When that happens, you begin to wonder why you were smoking the first one.

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