Analysis of Spherical Symmetries in Euclidean Spaces by Claus Müller

By Claus Müller

This ebook provides a brand new and direct strategy into the theories of targeted capabilities with emphasis on round symmetry in Euclidean areas of ar­ bitrary dimensions. crucial components will also be referred to as undemanding end result of the selected suggestions. The crucial subject is the presentation of round harmonics in a concept of invariants of the orthogonal staff. H. Weyl was once one of many first to show that round harmonics needs to be greater than a lucky bet to simplify numerical computations in mathematical physics. His opinion arose from his career with quan­ tum mechanics and used to be supported via many physicists. those principles are the top subject matter all through this treatise. while R. Richberg and that i begun this venture we have been shocked, how effortless and chic the overall concept can be. one of many highlights of this booklet is the extension of the classical result of round harmonics into the complicated. this can be fairly vital for the complexification of the Funk-Hecke formulation, that's effectively used to introduce orthogonally invariant suggestions of the decreased wave equation. The radial components of those ideas are both Bessel or Hankel features, which play an incredible function within the mathematical conception of acoustical and optical waves. those theories frequently require a close research of the asymptotic habit of the options. The awarded creation of Bessel and Hankel features yields at once the top phrases of the asymptotics. Approximations of upper order may be deduced.

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Xq) therefore stand in a relation of congruence. 1) The algorithm behind this correspondence will now be discussed. 2) = IxI 2k ~ Hn-2k(X) + H n- 2k ~ IxI 2k +2(vlxI 2k . 3) + q _ 2)lxI 2k - 2 (vlxI 2k . V H n - 2k ) = 2klxI 2k - 2(x· V)Hn- 2k 34 1. 4) + 2(V7lxI2k . 5) Yn(X) : = 2: Ck lxI 2k 6,k Hn k=O is a harmonic polynomial of degree n. 4k the polynomial Yn then is harmonic [3], [17]. Definition 1: (The Clebsch projection) With the differential operator we define a mapping of the homogeneous polynomials of 1tn (q) on the homogeneous harmonics of y~ (q) in the form §6 Homogeneous Harmonics x~ 35 This projection may be regarded as an algorithm for the division by + x~ + ...

The Specific Theories This operator is self-adjoint because we have for /,9 E C(2)[-1,1]. The polynomial D(q)tPk(qjt) is of degree k, and we have for 1 = 0, 1, ... ) to all polynomials of degree less than k. ). 4) Pk(qj t) = a~tk - ... 5) D(q)tPk(Pi t) = -k(k + q - 2)a~(q)tk - ... ) 2 r(k+q-2)t - ... Hint: Use 1+1 3 -1 (a~(q)tkpk(q;t)(1-t2)9 = 1+1 -1 (Pk(qi t ))2(1-t2)9dt 3 and evaluate the left side with Exercise 1,§2, and the right side with Exercise 3,§2. ); with k = 0, ... , n - 3. 9) For t = 1 we have Cl + C2 = 1 - n, and yields Cl = 0; C2 = n - 1.

1O) a parameter representation of Zq-2(0:, t). 13) The left-hand side is the average of Y n over Zq-2(0:, t). This gives Lemma 2: The average of a spherical harmonic Yn(q;·) of order nand dimension q over a parallel of latitude t with axis (-0:,0:) is This result, referred to as the mean value theorem, is a very useful tool for many applications. Exercise 1: Formulate the Funk-Heeke formula for q usual polar coordinates. ) for all f. E Sq-1. Prove E C(Sq-1) satisfies f is uniquely determined by the values of the integrals r Jzq-2(a,O) §5 f = 2 in terms of the fdZ q - 2 := g(o:) Representations and Interpolations We need N (q, n) data to fix an element of Yn (q), and it is a natural question to ask whether it is possible to prescribe the values of a spherical harmonic in N(q, n) points.

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