Are You Crazy?: 18 Scientific Quizzes to Test Yourself by Andrew N. Williams

By Andrew N. Williams

There's a wonderful line among quirky and out-and-out loopy. With 18 scientifically dependent quizzes, Andrew N. Williams is helping readers decipher even if they're "normal," toeing the road, or a ways earlier it.

Developed through psychologists to investigate human habit, the quizzes permit readers to find in the event that they (or their family and friends) are:

- intercourse addicts
- Obsessive-compulsives
- nutrients freaks
- Thrill-seekers
- Hypochondriacs
- Fetishists
- Paranoids
- Imposters

Plus the publication comprises descriptions, in layman's phrases, of greater than eighty particular quirks, illustrated with genuine existence examples. Readers will surprise at tales of people that:

- Crave dirt-and devour it via the handful
- Are fearful of doughnuts simply because they can't see what's inside
- Lie approximately deaths within the family-to acquire sympathy playing cards

'But Are You Crazy?' is far greater than a celebration video game, providing valuable insights for facing different peoples' loopy habit in addition to one's personal insecurities and phobias.

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And Sprecher, S. (1998). Dependency and Insecurity in Romantic Relationships: Development and Validation of Two Companion Scales. Personal Relationships, 5, 31–58. Used by permission. curious relationships: loving you to death 31 Scoring Your Test This clever test has two parts: dependency and insecurity. One will measure your relationship strength, the other looks for a killer. To find your scores, simply add the numbers you circled in each of the following questions: Your Relationship Dependency Score __________ (questions 1 to 16) Your Relationship Insecurity Score __________ (questions 17 to 31) Understanding Your Score RELATIONSHIP DEPENDENCY Your Score Percentile Relationship Dependency 51 or less 15 Frail 61 30 Flimsy 71 50 Firm 81 70 Fantastic 91 or more 85 Fanatical WHAT DOES YOUR SCORE MEAN?

You do not lead the charge onto the dance floor, but you are happy to participate and thoroughly enjoy doing so. You have learned the secret of successful relationships is both parties contributing equally. Conversations with you are fun, as you both contribute and encourage others to participate as well. People tend to like you when they get to know you. The downside is that sometimes you are not seen as a real leader. Perhaps you are not confident enough to “seize the day,” and as a consequence, lose some promising opportunities.

1 2 3 4 5 21. Your brother or sister seems to be receiving more affection and/or attention from your parents. 1 2 3 4 5 22. You have just discovered your partner is having an affair with someone at work. 1 2 3 4 5 23. The person who has been your assistant for a number of years at work decides to take a similar position with some other company. 1 2 3 4 5 24. The group to which you belong appears to be leaving you out of plans, activities, etc. 1 2 3 4 5 25. Your best friend suddenly shows interest in doing things with someone else.

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