Aristotle on Memory and Recollection (Philosophia Antiqua) by Bloch

By Bloch

In line with a brand new severe variation of Aristotle's De Memoria and interpretive essays, this e-book demanding situations present perspectives on Aristotle's theories of reminiscence and recollection, and argues that those are in line with misinterpretations of the textual content and Aristotle's philosophical targets.

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26 And when, therefore, a man wishes to recollect, this is what he will do: He will seek to take a starting point of the movement, after which the object that he seeks will come to him. 27 Those that have some sort of order are easily remembered, for instance, the mathematical objects, while the others are only badly remembered and it is difficult to do so. And recollecting differs from relearning something by this that one can in a way be moved through himself to the point after the starting point.

2 || τρ πος πως] τρ πος EYV || 451b27–28. †λ γει (l. 27)- ναμνησ ε ς† (l. 28)] del. Freudenthal || 451b27. λ γει] λ γω δ EYVC cMiPΓ1Γ2 : λ γω bX 2 : autem (quomodo) dicit Γ2 || τ φεξ ς] consequenter est Γ1 || 451b28. προζητ σας] προσζητ σας E 1 || τ ] τ ν S || 451b29. λλ λαις] om. ρμV 2NvmΓ2 || δε] hec quidem Γ1 || 451b29–30. ) || 451b30. ) : uoluerit Γ2 || ζητ σει] ζητε C cMi || 451b30–31. λαβε ν ρχ ν κιν σεως] ρχ ν κιν σεως H a : ρχ ν κιν σεως λαβε ν Z aP || 451b31. ) || 451b31–452a1. γ γνονται π’ ρχ ς α ναμν σεις] α ναμν σεις γ γνονται π’ ρχ ς P || 452a1.

Par. gr. 1921. s. xiv. Vat. gr. 1339. s. xiv. Γ1. s. xii. Latin translatio vetus. James of Venice. Γ2. s. xiii. Latin translatio nova. William of Moerbeke. Michl. Michc. Michp. Michv. Michael’s lemma. Michael’s citation. Michael’s paraphrase. Michael mentions an alternative reading (varia lectio). Textual Foundation: ECcLHaXUOdSPΓ1Γ1Mich(l/c/p/v) are always cited. chapter two DE MEMORIA ET REMINISCENTIA: TEXT AND TRANSLATION ΠΕΡΙ ΜΝΗΜΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΝΑΜΝΗΣΕΩΣ 1 449b4 Περ μν μης κα το μνημονε ειν 4 λεκτ ον, τ στι, κα δι τ ν’ α τ αν γ γνεται, κα τ νι 5 τ ν τ ς ψυχ ς μορ ων συμβα νει το το τ π ος, κα τ ναμιμν σκεσ αι ο γ ρ ο α το ε σι μνημονικο κα ναμνηστικο , λλ’ ς π τ πολ μνημονικ τεροι μ ν ο βραδε ς, ναμνηστικ τεροι δ’ ο ταχε ς κα ε μα ε ς.

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