Artists-in-Labs Networking in the Margins by Jill Scott (auth.), Jill Scott (eds.)

By Jill Scott (auth.), Jill Scott (eds.)

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Man and Animals (1872). Newly commissioned and pre-existing video, film, and writing from the author Helga Nowotny, GibbonsÕ colleague, in Re-thinking Mark Haddon, poet Ruth Padel, French photographer Science believes that, ÔScience has spoken, with Gautier Deblonde, American artist Diana Thater, and growing urgency and conviction, to society for more video artist Bill Viola, among others, were brought than half a millennium. Not only has it determined together to explore DarwinÕs theory that expressing technical processes, economic systems and social emotion is not unique to humans, but is shared with structures, it has also shaped our everyday experi- all animals.

They problematic. In my opinion, this attitude has pushed want to be able to stand in the midst of other cultur- artists into a marginalized condition in our society. If ally informed debates, but they also need to maintain young artists want to graduate from the marginalism their individual freedom for form, colour, shape, of modernism and face social realities, this trajectory reproduction, and manipulation, and to develop their may not only require a deeper engagement in current own signature.

And we donÕt need 31 to force direct contact between specialists for there science will not be more illuminating than automatic to be an interaction. Ideas will be assimilated and principled opposition to it. Just as understanding the played back at altered wavelengths. complexity of genetic alterations will in the end surely produceÉ shifting metaphoric forms like BerniniÕs Damien Hirst, famously, cut a cow in half and pickled Daphne or PolkeÕs witches and demons in caverns of it in a display tank.

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