Bayesian analysis of case control polygenic etiology studies by Lee M.-L.T.

By Lee M.-L.T.

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1. 1 Structural Formula. 2 Molecular Weight. 3 Solubility. 9 35 DATB 4. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Structure. 8,4Two crystalline polymorphs of DATB have been idenThe cell parameters of Form I, stable to 217’C, and of Form II are given. 1 Crystal tified. 5 Spectrum. 815 No quantitative pressing data is See Fig. 1. WAVELENGTH 6 (pm) 8 14 Fig. 1. Infrared WAVE 36 (g/ems) Form I 23 23 DATB powder can be pressed into pellets. available. 3 Infrared Density NUMBER I I/cm) spectrum. DATB 5. 2 Vapor from vapor pressure data presented in Sec.

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