Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 databases: beta preview by John Kauffman, Thiru Thangarathinam

By John Kauffman, Thiru Thangarathinam

With aid from Microsoft ASP.NET insider Bradley Millington, John Kaufman covers either VB.NET and C# coding for ASP.NET databases so that you do not need to choose up entrance which language you will want extra and outlets not need to deal with stock on separate language models.

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Then click through Start ➪ Control Panel ➪ Add & Remove Programs. Select Add/Remove Windows Components and add a check mark to IIS to install. Microsoft also provides a lightweight alternative to IIS for developers, code-named Cassini, that is better suited to developers and students than IIS. The Cassini Web Server comes with Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer and installs automatically. aspx. NET code and server controls. Evidence of the server activity appears as an icon system tray. Note that Cassini is designed for developers and does not scale adequately to support a publicly deployed Web.

You can demonstrate the power of this view by changing some small value, such as the spelling of a person’s name. After a database is installed to MSDE using the osql at the command line, you can use VWD as a front end to examine a database. 0 pages with data. I will talk you through creating the pages using the VWD tools. com. Also, check at that location for the latest updates and warnings to match these exercises to the release version of the beta software. Try It Out #1 — GridView Table from SQL with Paging and Sorting In this exercise, we will quickly build a page that uses a GridView control to produce a table of author names that is sortable and supports paging.

MSDE will work for the exercises in this book. ❑ XML — A standard format for data in which each value is stored and described. XML is not particularly efficient (the space required for the descriptions generally exceeds the size of the data), but it is easily read by many different data management systems. ❑ Web Page Editor — Software that allows pages to be opened and changed. The most basic editor is Notepad. NET Web Matrix bundle an editor with other tools to improve productivity. ❑ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) — A set of tools that assists programmers in developing code.

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