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"You get up every day from the dream; yet to be loose, you need to additionally get up from the waking state." - Mooji In Breath of absolutely the, Mooji invitations you to take a clean examine your self. Of the entire matters debated in the scope of human curiosity, the single undisputed truth is that we exist. what's no longer wondered is: As what can we exist? during this e-book, Mooji will push your brain past conceptual bickering into the pulsating readability of the Unthinkable. "The phrases during this booklet, emanating from Silence, are an act of dwelling grace. while realization speaks, that which speaks and that which listens are One. There's no seeker, no loved. Only... natural knowledge flowing as Love." - Pamela Bloom, writer of the ability of Compassion "The humans in whom i've got so much skilled the presence of what we name the Divine are His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Mooji."

Isabel Losada, Broadcaster and the world over Bestselling writer of The Battersea Park street to Enlightenment

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All these traditions claim that the apparent duality of the world is an illusion, and that underlying the illusion everything is one. Along with this often goes the idea that there is no separate self who acts, so that realising nonduality also means giving up the sense of personal action or of being the ‘doer’ of what happens. This is rather hard to accept, which is probably why such traditions are so much less popular than the great theistic religions, or those that promise heaven and hell to reward the actions of individual souls.

I said that asking the questions both requires and encourages a calm mind, and these examples explain why. A calm mind is necessary for the sort of determined, systematic thinking that I am talking about; otherwise you just get distracted and lose track. But then the questions themselves often provoke further calming – not because thinking is calming; it isn’t; but because of the subject matter. ’ requires a steady experience to look into. ’ can defeat all logical thought and hurl the mind into emptiness.

Being able to act and then move on may seem to mean letting go of all responsibility, yet responsible actions still happen. This interesting paradox re-emerges in some of the questions. Other paradoxes concern the sense of self. Right now, in this moment, things are happening, but when there are no thoughts about the past and future, there is little sense of someone who is experiencing them or doing them. Although I would have been frightened at such a prospect if anyone had told me about it, in practice it was like a previously unnoticed burden being lifted, or like the relief of a horrible sound stopping when you hadn’t even noticed it was bothering you.

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