Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On The Matter Of The Mind by Gerald M. Edelman

By Gerald M. Edelman

A glance at how the brain works discusses pcs, evolution, Descartes, Schro+a5dinger, the character of conception, language, and individuality and ponders connections among psychology, physics, medication, philosophy, and extra. nationwide ad/promo.

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The variation is too great. Indeed,asfigure 3-5 shows, there is considerablevariation both in the shapesof individual neurons in a classand in their connection pattems. This is not surprising, given the stochastic(or statistically varying) nature of the developmental &iving forces provided by cellular processessuch as cell division, movement, and death; in some regions of the developing nervous system up to 70 percent of the neurons die before the structure of that region is completed! In general,therefore,uniquely specifiedconnectionscannot exist.

So are some variations and modifications of vocalization pattems. 4f$ r 0 DNArr+ FIGURE 5-4 Themodernsynthesis. In the 1940sa groupof eoolutionists andgeneticists reconciled GregorMendel's(1822-ISS4) oiginalfindingson heredity with thetheoryof eoolution dacribedby Datwin (1809-1852). Mendel,an Augustinianmonkfrom Austria,kid thefoundationsof modern genetics, but his contibutionwasnot recognized at first and had to berediscouered in 1901. specieslike song sparrows,birds deafenedfrom birth cannever develop the full-fledged species-characteristic song.

Theresultis that therelatioet'requency dark eyes and tor striped population. Notice selection against increases in the fitness bodies. individual and his behavior. What we need to understand are the rules connecting the ways in which genes are sorted and expressedwith the ways in which genes lead to changesin the phenotype (figure 5-3). This is a formidable tash one that is only partly completed. While Darwin did not grasp the correct genetic mechanisms,he got the principle right. He understood,for example,that phenotypic resemblances between the emotional expressionsof certain animalsand those of human beings were likely.

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