Budismo para estar en la oficina: Guía de subsistencia para by Lodro Rinzler

By Lodro Rinzler

Budismo para estar en l. a. oficina es una guía para convertirnos en los auténticos líderes que el planeta necesita.

Lordo Rinzler comparte su sabiduría para ofrecernos una guía de supervivencia, darnos consejos para encontrar trabajo y enseñarnos a tener compasión y a dar significado a nuestra vida diaria. Es sabiduría budista que sirve a cualquiera.

La pregunta "¿Qué quiero hacer con mi vida?" es cada vez más difícil de contestar en el mundo de hoy. No sólo los trabajos se ven distintos y están poblados de cretinos, sino que los caminos para hacer carrera en una empresa están realmente desdibujados.

Para los que ya están familiarizados con las enseñanzas de Buda y también para los que aún no lo están, Lordo Rinzler habla en este libro específicamente sobre el mahayana, es decir, las enseñanzas que nos dicen cómo llevar l. a. mente y el corazón abiertos a todas nuestras interacciones con el mundo.

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"Un magnífico libro que es realmente divertido de leer. Es accesible, very important y te cambia l. a. vida." -Seth Godin, autor de La vaca púrpura-

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You don’t fit with any category – and not only Christian categories. ” But I have to say to you, it does not fit any category at all, yours or ours or anybody else’s. It is beyond the mind. All categories belong to the mind. This is the only rebellion against mind: going beyond it. This is the only revolution against the self: going into no-self, into anatta. This is ultimate freedom from all kinds of bondages: prisons and categories and isms and ideologies and world views and philosophies. It is an absolute freedom from all that mind can create and mind can understand.

After you have embalmed a body there is no possibility of autopsy. There is every reason to suspect that he was poisoned to prevent him from going to a Zen monastery. Murder has been the argument of the so-called religions. This is not a religious attitude at all. If he wanted to experience Zen, any religious man would have allowed him to go. That’s what happens in Zen. No master ever rejects any disciple’s interest in some other Zen monk, in some other monastery – maybe belonging to a different branch, Soto or Rinzai...

And because he mentioned in his last speech to the conference that he was immensely interested in Zen, and he would like to go to Japan from there, this statement became his death. So it is not only Ayatollah Khomeini. There have been murders and murders, century after century, of people who wanted to get out of the slavery and seek and search the truth on their own; who wanted to get rid of all systems, who wanted to have a direct experience of life. Thomas Merton’s words are beautiful, but they are empty words because there is no supporting experience behind them.

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